International solidarity against the attacks of the so-called „Antideutsche“! Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism!

Translation of a joint statement of internationalist groups and organisations from 13. June 2019

The following Joint Declaration of Internationalist Groups and Organizations was adopted on 13. June 2019. The signing groups urge organisations of the global left and labour movement to support the couragoeus groups who are standing against racism and imperialism in Germany. We ask you to convince your organisations to sign the resolution, support the internationalist left in Germany and to use this campaign as a means to build strong networks that can challenge slander campaigns, claiming that „antizionism is antisemitism“ and support anti-colonial struggles.

International solidarity against the attacks of the so-called
„Antideutsche“ (Anti-Germans)

 Anti-Zionism is not

Attacks on internationalist, anti-capitalist and
anti-imperialist forces have been increasing, particularly in recent months.
So-called „Antideutsche“ are agitating against all progressive
left-wing, democratic, socialist and communist forces that are critical of
Israeli policies and their support by German and/or US imperialism. Even more,
they denounce any solidarity with the Palestinian people’s resistance and
anti-Zionist forces.

Under the accusation that „anti-Zionism“ is
„anti-Semitism“, the increasing right-wing danger to life and limb in
Germany and Israel to leftists and migrants is minimized while the real growing
anti-Semitism of the right is downplayed. The central purpose of the
criminalization of anti-Zionists, however, is to silence any criticism of
Israeli and German pro-Zionist foreign policy, any solidarity with the
Palestinian people and, as a rule, any criticism of imperialist interventions
in the Middle East.

To this end, the „Antideutsche“ support right-wing and
racist governments, such as those in Israel and the US, and attempt to denounce
any criticism of these states as anti-Semitic, even those critiques by Jewish

The so-called „Antideutsche“ are not limited to verbal
and written harassment, but also resort to other means.

  • Exclusion or threats of
    exclusion from left alliances against organisations. These include numerous
    groups such as MLPD, ArbeiterInnenmacht (Workers‘ Power), REVOLUTION, BDS
    Berlin, Bonn Youth Movement, FOR Palestine, Jugendwiderstand (Youth Resistance)
    and other internationalist groups who have been and are affected.
  • Denunciation of
    anti-Zionists in public institutions up to the threat of dismissal from their
    jobs, and cooperation with the [German state domestic intelligence agency]
    Agency for the Protection of the Constitution (for example, through
    „research visits“ conducted by authors from the portal
    „Ruhrbarone „).
  • Attempts to criminalize
    entire groups and campaigns, such as the BDS campaign, in collaboration with
    reactionary forces.
  • Physical violence and
    threats against internationalist or anti-imperialist forces, blocs or persons
    (most recently against the anti-imperialist bloc in Hamburg and against Kerem
    Schamberger in Marburg).
  • Exclusion of anti-Zionist
    positions from the trade unions, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and also in
    the Left Party (DIE LINKE).

The so-called „Antideutsche“ spectrum also has moved,
in the context of the current political shift to the right, in a deeply racist
direction: authors like Justus Wertmüller and Thomas Maul (from the magazine
„Bahamas“) actively support the AfD in its anti-Muslim racism or the
racist mob of Chemnitz. But even the less „extreme“ parts of this
spectrum are deeply engaged in political attacks against leftists, anti-racists
and internationalists and in defamating them as „anti-Semites“.

Such politics actively hinder the formation of resistance
against the swing to the right in the Federal Republic of Germany and
ultimately plays into the hands of right-wing forces, which are increasingly
strengthening not only in the parliaments, but also on the streets, and pose a
growing danger for us all.

Instead of splitting and defamation, the fight against the
right, against sexism, racism and nationalism today more than ever requires
solidarity and common actions by us: workers, migrants, young people, women,
LGBTIAs, school and university students. We see no contradiction in confronting
racism together on the street and still representing diverse political
positions on various topics.

Together against exclusion and defamation

We will fight together in the future against the exclusionary
policies, defamation and attacks of „Antideutsche“ – despite our
political differences.

We urge all those who understand anti-fascism to be not just a
„scene“ but a serious political practice to fight together against
these slander campaigns. We will not allow ourselves to be bureaucratically and
arbitrarily excluded from alliances and actions. We will not relinquish our
freedom of speech and propaganda!

We will continue to fight the racist and nationalist policies of
the Israeli government and their support by German and US imperialism. We will
continue to fight against warmongering and intervention. We will express our
solidarity with the Palestinian resistance and the anti-Zionist forces.

The criminalization of anti-Zionist forces in Germany is a pilot
project to suppress any political movement in the future that criticizes the
foreign policy of the German government and imperialist interests. Turkish and
Kurdish leftist organizations face searches of their homes, arrests, political
bans and terrorism allegations. In the future, for example, similar actions
against left-wing movements are conceivable, such as those that stand against a
military intervention in Venezuela or against the right-wing government in Brazil.

The attacks against Palestinian organizations are part of the
repression targeting the entire international left.

Therefore, we call on all internationalist forces in the left
and workers‘ movement to fight together against this type of denunciation.

We, the undersigned organizations and alliances, pledge to join
forces against future attacks by so-called „Antideutsche“ and
together oppose all attempts at exclusion.

  • No exclusion of
    internationalist, anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist forces from leftist
    coalitions or workers‘ organizations!
  • Solidarity with all
    left-wing groups or individuals who are criminalized, dismissed from their jobs
    or denounced for their internationalist solidarity!
  • Joint protection of
    left-wing events and blocs against (threatened) physical attacks and
    provocations by the so-called „Antideutsche“!

We oppose their defamation campaigns, exclusion and slander with
our international solidarity! The fight against the right can be successful if
we begin to defend ourselves against the attempts at division and defamation
and organize a collective resistance.



BDS Berlin

BOYCOTT! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within

Crisis SOAS

CUP Berlin

F.O.R Palestine

ICAHD – Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

League for the Fifth International


No pasarán Hamburg

Palästina Komitee Stuttgart

Red Flag



Revolutionary Socialist Movement (RSM)

Revolutionäre Internationalistische Organisation

Revolutionär-Kommunistische Internationale Tendenz (RCIT) Deutschland

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

SOAS Palestine Society

Solidaritätskomitee Katalonien Berlin

Union juive française pour la paix (UJFP)

Additional signatories can contact info@arbeitermacht or any of the signing groups.